Real results. In Real-time.

The world of CGI is rapidly shifting in the direction of real-time, with many studios opting to choose it over traditional ‘offline rendering’. But what exactly is real-time rendering?

In short, it’s a technique adopted from the games industry and whether you knew it or not, you’re probably already familiar if you’ve ever picked up a gamepad! Real-time rendering is simply the art of rendering images on screen so fast, that you see the results instantly, in real world time… Or ‘real-time’.

As the technology has matured over the years, there’s an ever increasing list of benefits over traditional rendering as the visuals that are achievable now rival industry veteran software across the board. Not only that, when a scene runs in real-time, it means your able to add interactivity. Walk, touch, explore and immerse yourself in your designs in a way that previously just hasn’t been possible.

Instant feedback.

Real-time rendering allows you to very efficiently sit down with clients and instantly see how different materials sit in your scene.

All lighting properties are already in place thanks to the physically-based material rendering.

Accurately represent real-world lighting properties of every material, in an instant. No re-renders.

real-time materials.gif
DoF clip.gif

Full Cinematic Control.

Once your scene is built, all it takes is a simple click and drag to begin using the cinematic cameras.

Near limitless options from depth of field, aperture, lens settings and post processing just to name a few. All ready for us to bring your designs to life without the hassle of having to render one frame at a time, saving time and money.

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